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They and Us: Open Conspiracy

Creative writing project. It is irrelevant who They are; You know you are not one of them. You, everyone You know, and I are part of Us. They control Us, but, does it have to be this way?

Started this on Medium here, but I'm providing it free at to Members.

This is a Work-In-Progress and it will grow through separate, related Posts. My hope is that I can recruit as many of Us as possible to come up with an alternative to our failing global socioeconomic status quo.

We believe every human should be guaranteed: universal shelter, food, healthcare, education, and capital for playing and starting their own cooperatives. We can accomplish this by converting every C-corporation into cooperatives; capitalizing every human being upon birth and redistributing wealth as the population rises and falls.

They have the power to do this change. We have the technology to do a global referendum. Human Rights scenarios are Universal (i.e. should sick people that can't pay get treated health professionals? If the global answer is 'Yes' then figuring out how is the only thing We should figure out).

Let Humanity vote to create a system that would allow the next generation of humans to be able to use their brains to their full potential. So much human brain power has been wasted assuaging survival fears. How many geniuses have we lost to poverty, hunger, and war throughout the years?

Competition and capitalism are NOT the problem: information asymmetry and the spurious non-value transactions posing as 'growth' are. Commons-based peer production at a global scale through cooperatives might be a naive idea, but I haven't heard any better alternatives. Please point me to them if you have.

Ed Zitron very eloquently describes Big Tech companies as harbingers of the 'Rot Economy.' I think that what he describes so accurately applies to all C-corporations sooner or later. It is not surprising; it is in their very foundation.

It is natural for C-corporations to act this way once they grow too big. C-corporations were structured to squeeze wealth from the many to benefit the few, as much as they can, in perpetuity. Creating value becomes a necessary initial step, but market-share protecting maneuvering eventually supplant it every time.

The C-corporation have only grown in number and strength as the centuries go by; coordinating through their owners and employees. Knowledge is transferred as people are shed; just like we replace all our cells in months.

C-corporations are the real artificial intelligence. Too many are too big and so are killing the host. We need to act now if we want to have a future.

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