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Thanks for visiting. If you are here, you want to know why I started CDP and I certainly want to talk to you about that (and Costa Rica!). For small business consulting and Costa Rica Tours please make sure to see our Services. The Other Projects  section showcases work we are doing with other organizations.

After spending 15 years in tech corporations and 3 layoffs in 5 years, I decided enough is enough. Employees of large corporations have very little power to guarantee their income in the mid and even short term. And we are privileged in terms of how most of Humanity lives. We all see where climate change is taking Us. What can We do about it?

I felt it was critical for my family (specially my children) and friends to see me dream and act on what I think is right. I have a vision where all of Us become prosumers (i.e. solopreneurs, etc) with our own marketplaces to interact directly with other humans because we all have skills to sell or barter for.

We don't need corporations; Individuality is what makes us Human. The problem is not socialism or capitalism, it is c-corporatism. More on this and other topics here.

Thanks again,

El Cadejo Dido

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